Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Time!

Dad, Cody, Ellie, Jake, S (niece, doesn't like internet prowlers knowing too much! smart mom), Hanna, Mom and Dad Smith, and back with just Hanna.   (And Aaron... ;) he's back too! hehe...)

Boy has our house been full!  From getting home from Maryland we've housed this many people!  We have loved the company and people coming in to visit!  It's going to be a harsh start to school when everyone's gone and we're busy with school again...and no visitors to keep things exciting (yes, that's my invitation to everyone to come!)!

BUT! Only busy for one more year!  Aaron and I both officially graduate in APRIL!  What a blessing.  Only my mother understands (I think) how tough it has been for me to reach this point where I (hopefully) will receive a diploma from college....and with a double major, mind you!  The cool thing is that Aaron and I both are graduating with double majors in Spanish.  Which, for Aaron, is even more awesome because he will have taken pre-med courses along side all of that!  What a road it has been...on more year! And counting.

We have had SO much going on.  SO much so that I have had to tell myself to get back onto my regular routine-like life.  I like going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time in the morning.  It's refreshing, and something to be counted on.  But, I have learned to appreciate spontaneity......For example, last weekend Heather, Hanna, and I drove down to Gallup, New Mexico for the Red Smith Family Reunion.  And it was worth it!  Although it was a lot of driving for a short amount of time, it was an amazing trip!  Aaron and I got to talk with some relatives.. all the little girl cousins (14 and under) were in love with Aaron.  It may have had something to do with the fact that he would let them jump onto his back and he would carry them around.
(Pictures reunion coming soon!)

A quick snap while in Monument Valley...the grand kids!

We also got to be there for our nephew, Adam's, baptism.  What an experience.  We were all crying.  It was so special.  It was "just" family for the baptism, which was nice.  I say "just" because that was probably close to 20 people.

Aaron and I went camping Friday night. Our first [mini] backpacking trip!  We forgot one thing, and well let's just say this is what I felt like in the morning:


(I left that much space for dramatic effect Steffers...)

Ya.  We forgot bug spray. FORGOT How in the name of Atlanta do people "forget" bug spray when they're going camping? I DON'T KNOW.  But we did.

At least we know that will N E V E R happen again. NEVER.

I'm serious.  We won't forget. 
never EVER

We had bug bits ALL over us.  And when I say ALL, I mean it: back, legs, face, etc... (don't want to get too personal here so I'll use etc... as the other parts of the body).  It was brutal. I got home and took some Advil and rubbed cortisone lotion on me everywhere like it was some exotic, expensive, desired Balm of Gilead and I had it.  Except it only lasted for like..10 minutes. 

Finally (for today) ODE TO SUSAN:



These are just a few photos of many of our dear Susan.  She served us well.  THANKFULLY Aaron is ok.  He sustained some bruises and cuts on his arms, but he was fine.  We are so grateful for that! But not for losing our prescious Susan...she will be missed! Here's to bikes again! :)  It's hard for me to forgive the lady that hit Aaron, but I am was what they call an "accident" after all....
(They were both going straight in opposite directions on the same road.  Aaron heading west, lady heading east. All of the sudden the lady just turns left right into him...Texting? That's my vote anyways.  She says she "didn't see him" but even the policeman said it's "really hard to see a red car"...sarcastically obviously)

Needless to say, a lot has been going on! The summer has just been flying by...and so much has been happening it's just hard to keep up with it all.  

We're trucking along and have officially made it to 6 months!  What a grand 6 months it has been!  Can't complain (except about dirty socks ;) )  too much!  I love this kid...

Families are forever.

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