Friday, July 12, 2013

The Brave One

Some gems of last weekend's backpacking over-nighter..

When it comes to bravery, we all know who's bravest.
I'm all talk. He's...well usually all talk, but not this time!

He did it...he really did it.  This was after he said to me: "too bad Jake's not here because then we'd like jump in together and swim across."  Mhmmm..I'd like to see that.
That water was like 50 degrees, cold!  I would know, since I've taken ice baths for the last 8 years (running).

Me on the other hand....well, let's just watch:

(This is also when we realized we were getting eaten alive by bugs...)

And now...

We had a fun trip!  It was beautiful and we can't wait to get out and do it again! (with bug spray!)

This is why I married the man.  What a courageous one.

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