Sunday, November 2, 2014

When Life Gives us Lemons

Well. I usually enjoy recapping my thoughts here, but lately I have been ignoring them, blatantly.  I have been overwhelmed with a sense of peace, and I have not been able to quite put it into words (in my head, let alone actual written ones).  Nevertheless, here I am ready to keep our little life journal afloat....

Sept 12, seven weeks ago, Aaron and I went on a most beautiful bike ride together. It was on a Friday afternoon, and we were just feeling the sense of fitting in to the Duluth life.  Aaron mentions to me, after the rid, he wants to go play football with some med school friends.  One hour later he is calling me to run outside to take him to the hospital.

I did not believe him at first, I really did think he was joking-but he wasn't.  He said he thought he had tore his Achilles's tendon. And so he had.  We went to the ER and they, fortunately, sent us to Urgent Care. So, Friday night was spent in urgent care getting to wait in a waiting room for a nice, young, doctor to give Aaron some crutches and a big boot and tell us to go see the doc (an orthopedic) first thing Monday.  Life changes dramatically.

Aaron says he was just going to run a hard cut, and the next thing he knows he falls over with the feeling he got kicked in the back of the leg....and when he looked back, no one was there.  He was pretty calm about the whole situation (which, with the Wynn genes I inherited, is probably why I thought he was fine/faking).  He wasn't.

So, it's been almost eight weeks and I have learned a lot. I have learned to love being a do-er.  I have never realized how much I rely on Aaron, until this.  I have had to do the laundry alone the past 7 weeks. Sure, I'll probably do laundry alone for a lot of years, but these recent ones, he has always helped me.  I have had to take the trash out, make dinner, clean the house, make lunches, fill the car up with gas...and the list goes on.  I have learned what it means to be selfless. I would not call myself selfless, but I am learning what it really means.  Aaron has done zero, yes ZERO complaining (ok well maybe except for wanting to go out and play football or soccer or...anything, but I wouldn't even count that). He is kind, he is helpful, he is loving.  I have had a hard time excepting him being hurt, and it's only a small injury compared to others,   but, it has affected our lives, and it will continue to for awhile.

- and then -

Three days after Sept 12 I decided to eat an avocado.  While attempting to pit the avocado, holding it in my hand of course, the knife slid off the pit, and sliced right through the middle of my ring finger and pointer. I would say the cut went into my hand a good half-inch.  It wasn't a big deal...except I couldn't feel my entire hand the moment it happened.

So, off to the ER, who sent us to urgent care, who sent us to the waiting room for awhile, and then to stitches.  It was a terrible experience (maybe another day), and let's just say, two visits to urgent care, 4 stitches, and a surgery later, and we are ready to be out of the health care learning lesson for awhile (knock on wood).

So, while this may just be a little hiccup in the road, it's a big, little hiccup.  I am at peace knowing things happen for a reason. I am at peace knowing the Lord is here to help us. I am at peace knowing there are surprises in our lives.

 I am at peace knowing I have Aaron by my side.