Sunday, April 13, 2014

11 days...and counting!


Aaron has 2 days of class left...woo!  I have been done with class since last semester, and finished up my internship a week ago. So, we've been ready for graduation for a while!

My friend from work (BYU job) took some pics for us! (he's good, no?)

And now...the news everyone's been waiting for (most especially us...most especially Aaron!)



While Minnesota probably wasn't either of our first choice, we are beyond excited to know that Aaron has been accepted! They really liked Aaron a lot, and we think if he would've interviewed with them earlier, he would have gotten in sooner....regardless, we are SO HAPPY!

He also got onto the waitlist for Dartmouth as well, and we are so excited and hopeful about that. We have begun making preparations for Minnesota (like saving every piece of warm clothing we own), but still are keeping the Dartmouth option open...just in case!  By mid-May we'll be set on one or the other we hope!  


We have had a pretty nice semester for how busy we were with other things (med school stuff, med school paperwork, browsing housing, getting ready to move, schoolwork, etc etc...)

Yet, among all the nice things we've gotten to immaturity prevails, and well...Aaron caught it on the cam this time:

I lost in "Speed" to 10 a row...OK?

 Aaron's first time hiking the Y!
  It got dark as we got to the top!

And...our wonderful time SKIING!  We FINALLY made it to the back (top) mountain to do some real skiing our last time at Sundance...I was so proud of Aaron!  He never really had a teacher, and well, you just don't teach a spouse how to do something.

 This is my last day with this great lady, Elein Sutherland!  She was my internship supervisor, and basically one of my best friends now! Heavenly Father truly blessed me to get this internship and also to get to meet her! We had tons of fun together and I learned so much from her. What a great time!

 Our office! (Well it's really hers...but she's kind enough to share with the intern at the time)

Once a blonde always a blonde...I told Aaron that while he was gone I changed the cord back to the TV so we could watch in HD...he looked at me funny and went and looked behind the TV...and then started laughing and went to get the camera. I was confused even after he showed me the picture...and until he explained to me....

But hopefully the picture can do the talking:

 With a little extra time this past week, we decided to go hiking. Little did we know, it was only spring down in Provo-ville...there was still thick snow layers!  Darn!

It was a good thought though....

We are so excited to be on our way...we've got fun plans for the summer, and Aaron could potentially start med school in things are coming along and we are excited to see where life goes!