Sunday, January 26, 2014

A couple months later...

And it's January..ALMOST February!   Wow. WOW.

Time has flown by.  We are only 89 days away from graduation! Can't believe it.

Since last post, too much has happened, and a re-cap is overdue...I'll do my best.

In late October I was feeling really, no REALLY, sick.  I would feel really nauseous all the time and couldn't eat anything.  Yes, the pregnant jokes came..and then went... they really weren't funny.  Comes to find out that I had a stomach/intestine virus.  The doctor told me it should go away within the next 3-5 weeks (after already feeling cruddy for a month)...pretty sure it took like 5 1/2 weeks!  I was miserable!  I won't go into all the nasties...but it was a nasty bug!

But! I felt better just in time for Christmas!  And in the mean time I finished up my last classes and Aaron got 2 interviews for med school! (two's better than none...wooo!)

Visit One: Dartmouth; Hanover, New Hampshire

It was a small town feeling...
with cafes you could buy delectables at...obviously. 

Visit Two: Minnesota; Duluth, Minnesota

Backside of the hotel Aaron stayed in...what used to be an old, famous brewery.

Aaron said he found signs like this all over.  I don't blame them...I don't know that I would like to go out in all that either!

At least it was well plowed!

 The hotel's was a fancy place!

December, birthday girl! Wowzers for 23!  Don't know how that happened.

*Side Note: For some reason when people ask me how old I am my default answer is 18. I don't even know why. Mentally my mind can't get passed the fact that I'm not longer 18, or I want to be 18 forever?

 Between interviews, Aaron even had time to take me out for my bday! It was fun and delicious! My favorite...chicken curry! (at the Bombay House)

In December we also got to take Grandma Wynn out for chik-fil-a and some temple lights at the Salt Lake Temple!

 This video is from back in October.

We were coming home late from Salt Lake, and I just couldn't stay awake...or so I thought.  Yes, this video is Loren.  I thought it was a gem that just couldn't go to waste.

That will be next!