Sunday, February 15, 2015


Spoiled on Valentine's Day....

Well, 3 months later and we've survived the majority of winter here in Minnesota.  Ironically, this winter has been oh so mild. Like seriously though. I even think to myself sometimes, "I wouldn't mind if it snowed today."  Everyone hyped winter up so much I was nervous because of that, but it has been just fine. Sure there have been a few days I didn't want to do much, but I haven't been miserable.  Last year there were over 30 (or like 40...?...depends who was telling me the story of last year) of consecutive days below zero...I wouldn't have liked that. And we've had lots of days below zero, or wind chill below zero, but like I said, we haven't been miserable. I am very grateful we moved here this year, and that we had a mild winter.  I count that as a blessing from the Lord as I have transitioned to life up north.

In the last 3 months I slacked writing, we have:
  • had thanksgiving with the Horsley's, Cobells, Lytles, and Desfosses' (friends from the ward). It was a beautiful thanksgiving
  • We turned older ! Aaron is now 25 and we can rent cars....who ever said getting older didn't have it's perks?
  • Went home for Christmas!!! Such a good time! We got to see both sides of the fams.  It was wonderful. We also enjoyed delicious fresh crab with the Smith's, First Annual Jingle Jog with Wynn's, Campbell's, Martz's and the extended Campbell family. It was so fun (Ellie did beat me-I did get lost, in my defense-and I will NEVER let it happen again :) ). We also saw some movies, made and ate good food, and had a fun-old-fashioned-family Christmas.
  • Aaron got 2 weeks off school, and enjoyed it. He started his second semester of Medical School, and time is flying by! I am grateful for that, even knowing we are just getting older each day, but at least we are one day closer to being done. It is a lot of work, but Aaron is handling it so well. He is very dedicated and has some great professors and supporting faculty to help him.
  • I am 4 classes into my MBA and am loving it! I chose to do my emphasis in health administration, and I couldn't love it more. I am very interested in the health care subject, and often tell Aaron I know more about health care than he does (whether that be true, well that's another story)...he just knows every muscle, bone, nerve, pathway etc etc etc... in the body. We'll just be a good team!
  • We went to a Masquerade ball Feb 12 for my work. It was great. I was reminded why I love working with and for the people I do. Even with so many changes in the world disabilities, there is so much further we need to go, but I love being a part of making someone's life and creating meaning and respect, even if for only one person. I work with so many different people, so unique, and so fun. It was a good time, which Aaron joined me and met many of my clients, co-workers, and boss.
  • Aaron started sports and physical activity again! By Christmas he was walking with less of a limp, and by January was going to the gym to do various exercises. He is back to "normal" activity (no restraints), but has to still take it easy until all his strength and endurance has returned. 
  • Aaron became the Young Men's 2nd Counselor in our ward....let's just say I'm not sure who's more excited for camp outs-me or him! (Too bad I don't get to go).

I spoke in church and embarrassed the family (Aaron). I really didn't think I could do it here. I did not want to move here, but we did. I didn't think I would find a job, but I did. I didn't think I would find any good here, but I did. There is power in optimism, and more power in Jesus Christ and the Gospel he teaches.  I am grateful to live in Duluth (never thought I'd say that), and I am grateful for what life brings.

Our very first Christmas was real!!

Jingle Jog!

Birthday Boy! Got everything he least related to food. Hot wings, nacho cheese, jalapeno poppers, root beer....and the infamous Smith Family Birthday Tradition: ice cream cake!