Friday, July 19, 2013

Just trying to go to sleep...

I go to bed last night, trying to be good reading my scriptures right before I go to bed..on our ipad...and as I'm finishing up Aaron comes to bed.  Well he gets into the bed on the side closest to the door (yes, we have sides).  That just so happens that that side is the side we put the ipad usually.  So I reach across him to put/drop-ish the ipad on that side, and Aaron yells "Wait! There's water there!"

Of course I had to turn on the lights to see what he was talking about.  

He had gotten my huge glass salad bowl and filled half-full with water and ice.  He then had a face towel ready to be dipped in.  

I laughed, but turned the light off to go to bed.  

Right as I turn over and my eyes shut, I get a cold chill on my bunsies.

YES.  He put an ice cube down my pants.

(Let's just say we're lucky that the whole bowl of water didn't end up on him)

Love him.

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