Sunday, August 24, 2014

Things are happening around here!

I feel like this summer we have been around the world and back again.

Our newest addition to the passport book:

Because if Barack goes there, we do too

We have gotten to participate in so much, and I am so grateful.  We had so much fun, and now it is time for a different kind of fun.  The routine fun...ya know, where you go to school/work and you find something extraordinary in the ordinary.  I love routine, I do.  

Mall of America... This is for you, Mom!

At the Andrew Bird concert. (Sadly our only pic)

 We got back last Sunday from Canada.  Even Prez. Obama visits there, so it's legit.  It was really fun...Kathy and Derek were days from moving to England so there was a lot to do, but they did it! And with grace. They were so calm and fun still...a good reminder and example to me of how to be when it's a stressful time. We had a lot of fun with them and bouncing around with the kiddos!


Coolest! A real levy lock system! They crank them by hand and everything!  
(I couldn't see over the rail...yep)

Beaver tails! YUM

The Kathy Derek Family (since we're all technically the "smith's) is so much fun! We had a great time and are so grateful we got to see them before they were off! That new little baby is adorable too, b t dubs.


The gang! Minus Kayla, another bud

Aaron's first week, which was only orientation is over, and I think he is realizing that the work is coming. But it's also kind of exciting. Even when we would talk about medical school a year ago, or even during the application process, it just didn't seem like it was at an arm's length.  Now we are doing it, and I feel like we can do this.  Aaron is prepared and he is ready.  He always says that graduating high school and even with his undergraduate degree never really meant anything to him because he always wanted to be a doctor, and now's the time that really counts for him.

Ya, I know, he's inspirational. He makes a goal and makes it happen.  It's awesome. And here he is in all the glory of a white coat:

This ^ is the best picture. I think it will be one of my favorites for a very long time!  I have learned so much with him and from him, and I honestly can say not every moment has been peaches and creme, but every moment has been worth it!  

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