Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peaches & Cream

We love to eat peaches and cream. It is so delicious.  Aaron introduced this to me, and Argentina introduced it to him.  It's a light kind of dessert that's got a great blend of simply delicious flavors..peaches...and cream.  Simple is a thing for us these days.  

But something I have been thinking is that truly not everything is "peaches and cream."  We know that but I am re-knowing it.  No, I'm not being all negative, it's just a plain truth. If all we ate was peaches and cream, well it just wouldn't be the same dessert to us. In fact we probably wouldn't be able to refer to it as dessert at all.  Life is like that, I am learning again. I love peaches and cream, but not all the time.  I love the happy times in my life, all the time, but that doesn't mean it's only made of happy times. We have had hard times but we still love our lives.  Aaron and I have made a choice to be here in Duluth, MN. A choice to have him go to medical school and for me to work. So we love our choice and carry on! Even if not everything is peaches and cream because hey, it's ok if everything's not!

It's exciting. But not all peaches and cream.  We have had to learn a how to register a car, get your own apartment (MUCH more difficult than in p-town), pay utility bills, set up internet for ourselves, etc. etc. etc... But, even though those aren't really peachy things to do, I still appreciate them for allowing me to enjoy the moments that are peaches and cream.  

Duluth, we're here to stay (for awhile at least)....
let's enjoy some peaches and cream together.

Lakewalk, downtown Canal Park

Canal Park...just so photogenic all the time...and Aaron too!

Brighton Beach, Northshore...the lake seriously sparkles, SPARKLES! when it's sunny out.
And, the water is only brown because it was so windy this day that there where huge waves kicking up the rocky brown bottom of the lake. Otherwise it's pristine blue.

Tettegouche State Park (camping trip!)

The man that truly is the epitome of peaches and cream. I just love him.

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