Monday, July 28, 2014

We did move and we are ready to admit it.

 Or should I say I am ready to admit it?

 If we opened the back doors...well we just didn't open them. But let's just say we probably wouldn't be able to put everything back in the car if we tried to do this again.  

Like seriously how did this all fit: 

and this isn't even everything....

So looking around our dorm room, I really believe it is a miracle and blessing we were able to fit what we did into our car...AND that nothing went wrong on the way!

We are moving into our little apartment down the street from the university on Friday! (If all goes well that is) It's been a little bit difficult finding and nailing down a place to live. Whenever an apartment said "ready now" or "available now" it was never 'ready' or 'available' now. BUT! We found one and it is all working out just fine. 

When we got here, the first thing we did was go down to the shore and take a walk.

It is really beautiful. In fact it's so beautiful it's a wonder that there even is a winter here (I'll be eating those words in a few months I'm sure).  

 We also recently took a ride on the North Shore. Supposedly the best biking around.  It was SO beautiful. It follows the shoreline (obviously) and is truly a sight! There are wild flowers the whole way, and it's (semi) safe.  And how I am forgetting the best's FLAT! There are hills everywhere...EVERYWHERE here. And this was a doable ride since my gears are all messed up and if there's a hill I'm never sure if I'm going to be able to downshift or have to walk my bike up the hill.  Aaron's bike, of course, runs so smooth he can't get enough of it. He loves that thing and it's fun to see him and his hobby in action.

We have had a lot of fun together. It seems so strange to have Aaron start medical school. We were both shocked to find out the summer program was an all day type thing, but we're hoping this is a great head-start for him for the fall.  You only get to do medical school once (hopefully) after all!  

So, here we are. Duluthians. Minnesotans (or Minnesohtahns as they say).  And we're here to stay...for at least 4 years. And then we'll see how we've lasted the winters and such!

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