Wednesday, July 23, 2014


( we forgot to take this one, thanks google! But it looks JUST like this!) 
We got all the rest...

7 states later we arrived...yes, to the land of the cold! It's already cold here! It's like in the 70's during the day...and well cold at night.  And YES, everyone talks funny.  It cracks us up!

Welcoming ourselves to


It was only 6 months of stomach wrenching anxiety, 2 months of hard-to-make plans, and 4 weeks of crying that got us here for me.  I have been so overwhelmed with moving.  I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father.  I often think why I had to be the one who had to move, marry the doctor (thanks dad for jinxing me), yada yada yada....but I know the Lord has his eye on Aaron and I and that He's not out to get us...or me.  And that we're going to love it here. I haven't had much to do, and job searching has been a lot slower than expected...but I know we will love it here...sometimes good things take time :)

We got here to a Heritage Halls, only they allow this:

WHAT?  what?

Haha...already my Utah bubble is bursted and just dripping all over me.

Aaron is so optimistic and has taken me to do fun things already.  We have run down the beautiful trails, gotten malts at the awesome malt shop (that's only open May-October...might I add), found the cheap movie theatre, and of! Couldn't have lived without that place.

This is what I thought it was going to be like:

This is what it is actually like:

Ya, we live on the water! The water? YA. It's super weird. Like I feel like we live in a vacation photo. It sure is beautiful.  It worries me I might actually like it here ;)  

Amongst the move, and with all the free time I've suddenly found myself with, with slow housing and job searchings, lots of time to reflect. Summer has just been a nice bliss for Aaron and I.  We were so spoiled...and so busy!

We were able to accomplish a lot, including 3 major dreams of ours (mine, his, and mine + his type dreams):
  • Go to Peru, namely Macchu Picchu
  • Run a marathon (with my Dad and bro!)
  • Get in and go to medical school
We also got to enjoy and experience:
  • Graduating college and moving to the parents'
  • going to Sedona, twice! We visited the lovely Cathedral Rock, and later Devil's Bridge awesome! And we hiked Devil's Bridge with Aaron's parents, Emma and BOTH her babies (woot woot to the in shape 2 baby mom!), and was a feat if I do say so!
  • I got my wisdom teeth out (seriously, never been so scared of anything...except maybe cockroaches. But I was so proud of myself!)
  • I got stung by a wasp....3 times! Rude.  (*I only added this to the list to get a little pity, if even just from myself to myself)
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon! Aaron hiked it all in one day! Woah man!
  • Boating! With the steppers and byron and the cute kiddos
  • batting cages/dinner with steff, byron, jake
  • lots of swimming in mom's pool
  • fourth of July...swimming again!

This was a fun packed summer.  Aaron keeps saying things like, oh I only have one class to worry about so we can do fun things this summer....and all I keep thinking is we already have done fun things! But, he's right (as always).  Continuing to do things, hopefully fun things, together is what keeps us together.  We are so grateful the Lord has blessed us with healthy bodies because we both just love sports so much that I don't know what we'd do if we didn't (knock on wood). We are grateful for all that's happened....for this new (even if challenging) experience here in Duluth.  

Aaron started class last Monday. That's almost 2 weeks ago!  We had NO idea what to expect. We thought maybe it would be like 8-noon each day...well it's 8:30-3:30....and well I just had a reality check that I need to get a job ASAP or go crazy.  Aaron's been such a good sport. He always is.

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