Sunday, November 3, 2013


Apples. The one and only true sign of fall.  And boy have we gotten our fill!
Apple pie, caramel apples, apple cider...and well just eating them plain!

I left Aaron home alone and went to Texas! But seriously, talk about a tender mercy. I wanted to go see Ellie SO bad, and baby Alice...and everyone.  And well, Aaron and I looked up flights and they were just way to expensive.  THEN! Literally the next morning after looking up flights and deciding it just wasn't going to work out to go, I got chosen as a student to go to the "Quiz Bowl" for my major (we go to a convention, learn some things, and then participate in a Jeopardy Game with other students from other schools/states...kinda like Mathletes, but for Recreationists).  Anywho...and you'll never guess where it was (DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!) HOUSTON, TEXAS. It just happened to by about 45 minutes from Ellie and Rob's house. So I went for the convention and then stayed the rest of the week at their house. I was so much fun.  Those sweet girls are just too sweet for me! I can never get enough of them!

The Convention: Parks and Recreation 
(I am in Therapeutic Recreation, so some of the stuff there was kind of weird, like regulations for a swing and stuff...not my side of the deal!)
My major is just too fun!
We met this girl there,
and it just so happen her
name was "Lauren" also! 

The gang! We studied a LOT! And we had a LOT
of fun together! :)

The beautiful Campbell Family
That I love SO much

Here we are at the was seriously so beautiful! I want to go again!
But, we had bad luck going outside while I was there.
Once we had walked like 1/2 mile out onto the trail mosquitoes started to attack us..and I mean ATTACK!
Then, the next day we tried to go on a walk, and the SAME thing happened!
Let's just say I'll always remember Houston for it's mosquito.

My little burrito Sophie!  She kept wanting me to "eat" her.
So I made her into my favorite..burrito!  With Guacamole and tomato! Yum!

Cute girls! I missed them the moment I got out of the car at the airport!

But, it was time for me to go home. Aaron had hermited on the couch, and was eating renditions of corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and who knows what. He needed me (I tell myself anyways).

Instead of flowers or a swept husband does this for me when I get home:
Gotta love the guy!

Halloween Halloween this is Halloween!
Thanks Steff (I think it was you) for the Aaron-sized onesie!

Things have been going well here.
We signed up for our last semester of classes.  LAST semester.

These are hard to see...but these are our schedules for the last BYU semester we will have!



Notice anything different? Haha I feel like I will have "nothing" to do next semester with only my internship, but I am also so excited for this new adventure!

Aaron's been working so hard.  I am so proud of him. I truly am a lucky girl to have him!  
He has one interview at Dartmouth so far, and that makes us so excited. We are praying for anything good to come of med school applications, and hope for at least two more interviews-one being at Minnesota.  Just keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed for more!

Life is so good...even if it's cold! 
Today was our first day of snow, and it was beautiful! It's gone already (thank goodness! we gotta ease into this) but it was pretty.  The months are just flying by, and I can hardly believe it's been almost one year with my sweet man!

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  1. How come I didn't get one of those caramel apples when I stayed at your house??? Geeeeeze I would have stayed another week for one of those! :) Love you two.... momma wynn