Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home is whenever I'm with you...

I got to go home for the weekend, last week.  I went to see my best friend Carolyn, who just got home from her mission in Texas! YAY!


I got to see her the day after she got home! It was THE best!  I am so happy to have her home...she is so much fun to be around, and I am happy to get to have her in school with me for my last year.

I was going to go camping with her, her dad, and her brother, but decided she needed some alone time to get used to being back, so I tagged along with Grandma and Grandpa Window (Wynn) to their grandkid weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland!).
Right before entering the park! Love that smile!

Closer! We're getting closer to the entrance!
P.s. we all got up at 5:30AM to make it there right when the park opened! Steff was telling me how she woke up at 3:45AM and I made some comment like "wow, I knew your kids got up early, but that's ridiculous!" and she replied with "no, I woke up at that time because I was so excited! duh!"

Walking in the entrance! This is a play by play people! Too fun! Not sure who was more excited, grandma and grandpa or Steff! (Byron was excited, but he always plays it cool)

In line for Alice and Wonderland.  Brookie's face!

Alice and Wonderland!

During the teacup ride! Mom was the only one that would go with me and actually spin the thing!  It was so fun...but boy were we dizzy! Mom almost lost it at the end!

I can't remember the name of this ride, but it was an awesome mini roller coaster that Wes could go on!  It was actually really fun! Here's Grandpa and Wes front and center!

Star Tours!  Wes was SO funny in for this ride!
He kind of looked like this during the ride..only with those glasses on and his hands glued to the armrests on the side.  I will never forget how he looked! It was so cute!

We got a lot more wet than we expected! Still a classic though, that Splash Mountain!

Classic. Truly a classic.  Oh Wes.

Here we go!

The only family pic we got!  Byron got the memo!
    Does this say sisters or what?       

Aaron didn't know I was in the parade! 

Through the castle and onto the next adventure! Run!

This was my FAVORITE picture all day!  So cute! I am so blessed for a fun and loving family!

After a short weekend home-to Disneyland, visiting Carolyn, getting to hear her and Stu speak in church, and then driving back with Liz and Rob (friends) it was a great time!  

I was so glad to be HOME (see song "Home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros) with my hubby and my mom came with also so that all made it better to come home too!

Except...this is what happens when my mother comes to visit:

She turns into a traitor (just helping Aaron out obviously...can you tell who wrote what?)

 We were so tired when we got home.  We had to take a couple naps!

We had fun with her here! Too bad we had to work all week though!  

Aaron's been working a new job, morning custodial which starts at 4:30AM each morning. He has yet to complain once, not even once!  He is finally in with the Wynn mindset, of "early to bed, early to rise...(makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise)."  

We are enjoying our last of summer, and getting geared up for school.  Lots of prayers going toward medical schools and such, but we have a lot of hope and faith that all will work out for the good.

Such a happy time.  Such a scary time.  Such an exciting time! Here's to the year of graduation!


There are some things in marriage you have to learn to let go of....and others you don't.

Socks are one of those things.  That you have to learn.  You have to learn you don't want to let it go, but you NEED to.  

I'm still learning.

This is the House of Socks....apparently.

 Can't wear socks at dinner.

Can't wear socks at bed.

Or at study time.

Or even right when you get home.

This angle is great because you can see how close the hamper is here...

Honestly, I am not mad.  Yes, it bugs the crap out of me that he leaves them everywhere.  But you know what? He does it on purpose! You know why? Because he's thinking of me.  And anytime that kid thinks of me, I am happy, so I can't even...or should I say shouldn't even...complain.  He does it because he loves me, is my theory.

And I love him.