Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sledding and the Sorts

On Friday Aaron's buddy asked him to go play basketball, so at 9:30pm I was left all to my lonesome..on a Friday night.  I'm still not used to being separated from him yet.

I was productive though (did homework while watching TV) and then went to bed around 11:30 with Aaron still not home (sadly).  In the middle of what I know was going to be a great dream, I start to here "wake up, wake up!"  Aaron, arriving home at 12:30am decided to wake me up and go midnight sledding.
Aaron's stance.

Not sure if you can tell, but in my hand there is a frisbee.  Yes, we slid down on the frisbee (and it was awesome)
 The end of our sledding extravaganza.  (Ok, so maybe we didn't hit the tree.  But, we literally ended just like that, only with me on the front of the sled).

To crazy nights and crazy hubbies! 

We had gone sledding with Sophie, my niece the week before.  She's 2 and loved it! Her sister, Charlotte (a little over a year?) was not in love though.  Charlotte, we think, was scared that we were throwing ourselves down the side of the mountain, and Sophie couldn't get up or down the thing fast enough.  During one ride Aaron took Sophie.  Prior to the launch Sophie requested "fast" as the speed, and well at the bottom fast is what they got: fast snow to the face!  They both flew off, and Aaron instead of catching Sophie tried to aim himself the other way, so he wouldn't land on top of her.  Sophie, going face first into the snow, stands up and licks her face (probably trying to feel if it was still there) and says "again!"  She's a dare-devil, that one!

Aaron's Birthday was February 2nd 
In honor of him, I made bacon, cooked to perfection, for breakfast! 
(I hate bacon; I'm so nice)
Among other things, we have been doing a lot of homework these days.  We have both had crazy semesters, although mine's more of a choice crazy (school, work, club, etc...) and Aaron's not so much (school! pre-med classes ain't easy people!)

Sometimes I try to glance at Aaron's homework to see what he's doing (and if I get it...which I never do).  This particular picture below was when I thought he was "doodling."  He informed me shortly after this was his organic chemistry homework.  RIGHT.

Left: Dinner of Champions (Nachos Supreme.  Take that Taco Bell!  Aaron MADE me put it on that huge platter...)

Right: Our left over party food for Aaron's b-day. (I made all sorts of nasty food, as requested by the birthday boy (i.e. Nacho cheese, type stuff) The Ravens gave him a good present: they won! 

Otherwise, we've been pretty happy.  Aaron has yet to lose in basketball (intramurals) and our water polo team is, well fun (we lose by like 40 points each game). We keep busy around here. Making sweets (Aaron's last batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies, failed.  I acquitted them to the weather: grandpa Robertson always said don't make certain sweets when it's bad weather-I generalized that to mean cookies also).

Life is good; we're anxious to hear back from John Hopkins and the U about internships for the summer.  Med school plans are underway, and we're truckin' through school.

We are so blessed to be at BYU, to have two supportive families, and to have the Gospel!  Our goal last week during FHE was to find our "TLC's" (tender loving mercies from the Lord)...we're going to have to continue for this week and write them down.  It's amazing how easily you can see the hand of the Lord in your life when you look for it!



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  2. so fun... if I could ever stay awake past 9:30 the sledding would be awesome! I really think I actually would have been wrapped around the tree... due to my wonderful eye sight! Keep up the fun adventures that's what makes life so fun!