Sunday, February 16, 2014

And Christmas Came!

We drove home through Vegas....and ditched Jake and Hanna (made them both find rides home!)...for our anniversary.  We stayed in the Wynn Hotel. Super fun. Super nice.  It was just fun to walk around.  The hotels were all decorated so fun for Christmas.  At the Bellagio they had a giant Christmas tree and "snow" tunnel (fake/inside a tube so it didn't actually get on you). 
(*can't find where I saved the pics from those will come later)


Of course, Aaron and I went to the traditional Camelback Mountain hike on Christmas Eve! (couldn't get anyone else to come from the fam...lame!)

missing our Car!
I love these girls!-->    

And I love this guy ^

And....YES! Santa came to our house!  The kiddos were so excited they weren't even sure what to think. It was hilarious.  And so much fun. The guys probably had the most fun...they got nerf guns afterall (I felt the effects for the next week..that's for sure!)

       Byron? I couldn't believe he actually SAT on Santa's lapWITH a smile! 

Aaron!  He sat on Santa's lap too! Probably just to get the present....well, he is smiling too!
I guess everyone just loves Santa deep down.

The little nugget! She's so darn CUTE we could all hardly stand it! (By we I mean like Mom, Me, and Steff (and Ellie since she's the mom)...the guys don't really get one kid from another most times...).
Oh are so Cute!!!
Aaron loved Alice so much, he did his hair like her.

The Christmas Puppet Show!

               The Mom's getting into it! YA!

Wynn Family Talent Show.
Wes sang a song, Sophie danced, Brookie sang and danced...and Aaron juggled, along with all the men. So proud.

Love...true love....

So much LOVE

            Aaron and his nephew Adam at Organ Stop Pizza! 

Organ Stop! Pizza pizza pizza!

The Railroad Park
Train ride please! 

Two peas in a pod

Downtown Scottsdale and....ICE CREAM.


And finally, we went hiking. This was a highlight for me.  A small little hike with the Sophie and the Ellie, and the Jake, Mom, Aaron, and the Campbells!  Basically my favorite people in the world (minus a few missing).  It was a fun hike and one can say Arizona is "just a desert."

                     Gotta love these guys!

We also got gelato at the Gelato Spot with Aaron's family, made gingerbread houses (Ellie has all the pics for those), played games, nerf gun wars, temple lights, went to Steff and Byron's for more games, relaxed and got to sleep in! Can't complain about our Christmas.  

Each year it just gets crazier and crazier.  We did miss Jeff, but with all the kiddos (and new kiddo, Alice!) it doesn't sound any quieter :)   Can't wait for that guy to get home!  Christmas was a good time to reflect on our family, and how grateful I am to have mine (both of them).  Aaron and I are so blessed. The Christmas season just helped remind us of that.  Our Savior Jesus Christ is died for us that we may live, live again.  How blessed we are to have supportive, fun, loving, and thoughtful family that bring happiness into our lives!

One year and counting....It just gets better and better.