Sunday, May 5, 2013

A lot of Catch Up!

March, April, May! (and back a little to February)
The weather is finally turning warm (most days) and we are able to spend more and more of our free time outside without jackets! Awesome. 

So, my time of lazy blogness is over. Yes, lazy blogness.  
Aaron and I have done a lot since the last post.  Some of the things we've been up to: played sports, Easter, parents came to town, babysat for Ellie and Rob, visited Grandma Wynn, went to General Conference, finished up school, taught Johanna to ride a bike, and 5K's!  So this post may not be in chronological order, but at least we can remember some of the fun (and maybe not so fun) things that have been going on these last few months).

March came and so did our parents.  JoAnn came....and let's just say she spoiled us! She bought Aaron some steaks!  He has never been so happy to eat dinner (especially knowing that this is something I will probably never buy...) Here's how yummy they were:

Some other things that happened were me working on my cooking skills (very critical because the way to Aaron's heart is his tummy...really, it is):

This was my first ever dish of lasagna
 Although the pictures I take never do any of my cooking justice, the steak and this lasagna did turn out really yummy.  I am still trying to figure out how to cook for two...I either make waaaay too much or waaaay too little.  It's always a winning night when I make just enough.  I don't know why I really care about this, but probably because I hate to waste.  So far we've been pretty successful  but I am still working on my cooking skills and maybe one day, in like 10 years, I'll be a good cook (and Aaron can stop wishing for his mamma's cookin'!)  I also made cupcakes for my club's senior recognition night. They turned our pretty cute (and yummy too!)


Grandma Wynn! 

Rob, my brother-in-law, graduated from BYU this April (just a couple weeks ago), and so my parents came in town to visit.  We all went up to see grandma, and she was so happy to see us, especially the little girls (Ellie and Rob's little Sophie and Charlotte).  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of all of us with grandma, but we got some randoms, like the one below with Charlotte, Ellie, and grandma.

Oh Charlotte! What a cutie pie you are!  I love all my little nieces, they just light up my heart!


When my parents came to visit, for Rob's graduation my parents came to town (like I mentioned) and again we were spoiled.  It started like this.  We were all sitting around talking when my parents got in, and Aaron gladly ate about 5 popsicles in row.  I told him that was too many for one night, and that he should eat something he worked his way to yogurt (a healthier option..?). And then again I nagged him because I just bought them and he "didn't even like Greek yogurt." Or so I told myself.  

So my mother, the funny lady she is, showed up on our doorstep the next day with tons of groceries, including tons of Greek yogurt, POPSICLES, and lots of other yummy things I probably wouldn't buy (thanks to the mom's Aaron always has his sweet tooth taken care of!)  For this particular picture, try to figure out what is in those bowls on Aaron's lap:

Yes folks, that's popcorn...popcorn chicken! (And the other bowl is honey mustard).  I was cracking up, first because he made the ENTIRE bag of popcorn chicken (again mom, thanks!) and then I turn around he was eating it out of bowl like popcorn!  What does this say about us?  Hahahaha...oh my, I love this kid.

With school ending, we both needed some catching up on sleep.  One thing we enjoy (while we still can) are Sunday naps..and Aaron's tend to go a bit longer than mine...which is perfect because I can always catch him!

Now, how can you be mad at a face like that? 

There was so much that has happened, one being Ellie and Rob moving to Texas.  I was so more family in Provo, and if Hanna (sister-in-law) decides to go on a mission, then Jake will be our only fam in Utah anymore...The fun thing is though, I have been blessed to be in Provo with each and every one of my siblings.  Cool huh? I have enjoyed a piece of Provo with each of them, and am excited for Jake to come up and hang out with me!

This is one of our babysitting trips at Ellie and Rob's....Sophie painted my nails, painted her nails..and then it was Aaron's turn.  Let's just say his feet were pink and black (the colors Sophie picked out) for a few weeks!  But, how can you say no to a cute face, like Sophie's?! I will really miss those guys in Texas...Sophie just hurts my heart she's so darn cute!

This was my letter to Elder Wynn (Jeff) on his mission.  Could you tell this was sent the last week of classes?  My brain wasn't attached.  The funniest part was, when I got it back, I couldn't figure out why they sent it back to me.....

This is Aaron playing in his intramural basketball game!  It was really fun to watch, he's really good when he's %100 percent in the game. This was one of those games!
(If you can't tell who Aaron is, he's the tall one with a white shirt and green penny on.  The one who makes the awesome 3 pointer in this clip!)

So, that's a little bit of what we've been up to.  We also got a chance to go up to AZ and see little Aiyana!  Our newest niece in the collection, and we have the cutest nieces and nephews! We also got to be there for little Wesley's birthday party!  It was so fun... Brian and Farina sure know how to throw a party!

Among other things, Aaron is in an MCAT prep class and I'm just working away.  Aaron takes the MCAT in exactly 18 days (from tomorrow!). PRAY FOR HIM! Please.  

  We ran a half marathon yesterday with NO training. When I say "no training" I really do mean it.  Like our longest run was 7 miles, and we ran that like 3 weeks ago..since then Aaron ran like zero times, and I jogged a couple times a week, but nothing serious. I was so proud of us though!  Aaron finished in under 2 hours (my goal for him, haha!)  1:56 to be exact, and I finished in 1:32.  Although my fastest half is 1:20, I was really happy with my time because I really did not train, and still can run fast :) (Not that I'm proud of the lack of preparation, but at least I know I still have my gift!)  I ran the first 9 miles at 6:30 pace, and then well..died the last few at like a 7:30 pace...not too shabby I would say!  Pictures of running to come later.

We signed up for the St. George marathon in October, with my Daddy-O!  It's a lottery, so we won't find out until May 13 if we get to run it or not...cross your fingers for us!  But, after the half one of Aaron's first comments was..."I'm never doing a marathon" or something along those lines...too bad we're already signed up :)  He does it for me...what a guy!

That's about all for now.  So much has happened in such a short amount of time.  People always ask me when I got married, and when I say December and they say "oh that was recent" I think to myself, "ya I guess."  But honestly I already feel like I've been married to my guy forever (in a good way!).  Aaron is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is such a good example of patience (we all know that someone like me needs a lot of that in a friend..not to mention spouse) and hard work.  We have been so blessed since we have been married, and sometimes I can hardly understand why the Lord blesses us so much.  But then I remember the Lord sent us here to return to Him.  He wants us to succeed.  What a simple, comforting thought.  I am so grateful for the Gospel in our lives, and in especially in our home!