Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smiths...the not-so-average Averages:

So, Aaron and I got married. 

Now we're the Smith's.  Not so new for Aaron, but for me...weird! I cannot get used to being a know, the name your teacher always uses when giving examples in class.  Or the names movies use for characters that are undercover or  for the neighbors to the main characters...

Well.  Aaron and I did some research on the so-called "Smith's" 
...and here's what we found about the ol' average joe..or smith:

  • There are 2,776,490 people in America with the name Smith
  • 1 out of every 100 people you meet is a Smith (...maybe more?)
  • 1st most popular last name in America
  • Smith comes from Anglo-Saxon "to smite" or "to strike"
  • Derivations of name come from a man who works with metal (aka blacksmith), which was a common occupation in any country, making it one of the most popular surnames in the world
  • The "Granny Smith Apple" is named after us (and the other 2,776,490 of us out there)
  • And finally, we all know the story of Pocahontas and John Smith
So, now that we have some common ground with almost 3 million people, Aaron and I would like to point out how un-average this new Smith family is:
  • Height 
    • Aaron: 6'2''     
    • Loren: 4'11''                                  That's a 1 foot 3 inch difference
  • Hair      
    • Aaron: brown   
    • Loren: blonde
  • Eyes
    • Aaron: Brown
    • Lore: Hazel
  • Food of choice
    • Aaron: A little gal he refers to as Wendy
    • Loren: greens, fruit, veggies, and some good ol' fashioned oats, long  grained brown get the picture
  • Preferred time of day
    • Aaron: night
    • Loren: morning
  • Preferred Football Team
    • Aaron: Ravens
    • Loren: Anyone playing the Ravens
  • Shoe size
    • Aaron: 13 mens
    • Loren: 5 1/2 womens (4 in the "little girls"

  • Muscle-to-strength ratio (we'll let the picture do the talking)

The list can go on (and might another day) but as you can see, this new Smith Family isn't average. In fact we're just Not Your Average Smith Family!  

Our update: After a fun honeymoon (funny stories to be posted later), we settled into classes rather nicely.  Aaron is taking 16 credits of pre-med, Spanish, and biology classes; he does a good job balancing out his school work (aka doesn't get stressed). Although I dropped a class, to only have 12 credits, I feel overwhelmed taking Anatomy...ew! first of all, and second...SUPER hard.  You have to memorize like 200 muscles (spelling and all) each week! (I'm still in shock, obviously).  

Other than school we keep busy with this and that (as Aaron puts it).  We both do intramural sports: waterpolo (together), basketball (aaron), and soccer (loren).  Aaron is getting ready to apply for med. school this summer (weird!) and therefore is applying for internships.  This keeps me on my toes..since we have NO idea where we will be in the summer (the planner in me is constantly at a panicked stage, while my love for Aaron and my adventurous side is excited...I am seriously the epitome of the Tangled all know what scene I mean).

I am the president-elect of the club that's in relation with my major (i.e. if you're a biology major, it's like being the VP of the biology club).  This has been crazy for me, but so fun and rewarding.  I'm still trying to get Aaron to join... :)

We FINALLY got our records changed to our new ward. (We stood up and I'm sure everyone was wondering if I was Aaron's wife or... sister).  We tried out the Spanish ward, and loved it, but realized we would enjoy being in a ward where we can relate with everyone better (the Spanish ward was a family ward, and well-established and ours was just a married ward..more typical in the BYU scene).  We are excited to get involved and make some married friends.

Other than school and other miscellaneous things, life is GREAT.  We cannot complain.  We are so blessed and truly have so much to be grateful for; I know the Gospel is what brings us this happiness.  And we know our happy marriage started in the temple...